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Here's Why You Should Get Your Windshield Glass Repaired ASAP!

Here's Why You Should Get Your Windshield Glass Repaired ASAP!

Damage taken to your windshield can be just as dangerous as (if not more) internal, mechanical problems. Whether it is a sizable cracked streak or a minor blemish, you may be tempted to overlook it to avoid the cost of getting the repair. Most people do not know, however, that glass damage can spread fast and quickly. So, is it really worth the risk?   Worsen with Moisture - Throughout the seasons in Norfolk, VA, it may rain, fog, or snow. The moisture from the wet weather will trickle into the chip or crack. And if the water molecules remain enclosed in the area in freezing temperatures, you'll be faced with a larger crack! Intense heat can do the same too. Impaired Vision - If your cracked windshield is blocking your line of sight when driving, then you need to get it corrected ASAP. It's not worth putting yourself and others on the road in danger because you will likely be forking out more money if you get into an accident.  Serious Injuries - Auto glass isn ... read more

Carmasters Automotive Tech Question On Your Battery

Carmasters Automotive Tech Question On Your Battery

Carmasters Automotive Tech Question: I'm David in Norfolk, VA. For the last year and a half I've had some battery problems. I had trouble starting my car so I bought a new battery at a parts store in Norfolk. At first everything was fine, then about six months later I had problems starting my car again, so I got a new battery. Again, everything was fine for another five or six months then I had trouble starting my car again. I went to get another battery and the parts guy said why do you need another battery, weren't you in a few months ago? So he tested my battery and it was OK. Apparently I've been replacing good batteries. What's wrong with my vehicle? Carmasters Automotive Answer: Look, we can't fault David for not knowing what's wrong with his vehicle – he just didn't have enough information. And frankly, neither do I. Let's talk about where our friend went wrong and what he could have done. First, he wa ... read more

It's Your Turn (Using Turn Signals)

Sep 15th, 2021 Distracted driving causes a lot of motor vehicle accidents.  Well, according to one study, twice as many are caused by people not using their turn signals.   Drivers have a lot of excuses for not signaling.  About a quarter of drivers in one survey said they were just too lazy to do it.  Others think they really don't have to use a turn signal, even though traffic laws in most areas require it.  There are drivers who think they don't have enough time to do it because they make last-minute decisions; not the kind of driving that experts consider safe. An insurance company surveyed young drivers and more than two-thirds of them admitted they didn't regularly use turn signals.  Here are a few reasons drivers should use their turn signals. When you signal a turn or a lane change, it lets drivers around you know what you intend to do.  That way the other drivers can anticipate your actions and take whatever measures they ... read more

Simple Answers from Carmasters Automotive: Alignment

Sep 5th, 2021 Question   How do I know when I need a wheel alignment?   Answer   When your wheels are properly aligned, they all point in the same direction.  When they are out of alignment, most people notice a couple of things.  First the car pulls to one side when driving.  It could be slight or severe.  If your wheels have been out of alignment for a while, you’ll also start to see uneven tire wear – the shoulder on either the outside or inside of the tire is worn down more than the other.  A whole bunch of steering and suspension components are joined together.  Everyday driving can cause your wheels to go out of alignment over time just from the joints loosening up.  That’s why most manufacturers recommend an alignment check every couple of years.  Depending on where you live or the conditions you drive in (off-road driving, harsh winter conditions, poor pavement, etc.) – an alignment inspectio ... read more

Water Pump

Sep 3rd, 2021 Let's talk water pumps for autos in Norfolk, VA. The engine is cooled by coolant/antifreeze mixed with water. This mixture circulates around the engine, absorbing some of the heat. The coolant then flows through the radiator where air cools it down for the return trip back through the engine. Your vehicle's water pump is what drives this process. Cooling system problems are the number-one mechanical failure in Norfolk. So the water pump plays a pretty important role. You can't get very far in VA without a water pump. After all that distant and years of pumping coolant, water pumps just wear out. You might notice a whining or grinding sound coming from the water pump. Or maybe see coolant leaking from the pump itself. The precise location of the water pump varies depending on the vehicle. Some have the water pump attached to the outside of the engine where you can see it. With these, the water pump is driven by the serpentine belt. Some have the water ... read more

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