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Check/Service engine lights

FYI, most computers when they know something is wrong stop running monitors and self test because with something wrong can get false results. Problem with that is that there may be more than one problem with vehicle but only the first problem may be reported and identified because some on board testing may have stopped after first problem occurred. AFTER REPAIR, CODE(S) NOT CURRENTLY PRESENT. YOUR COMPUTER WILL NOW START PERFORMING SELF TESTING, THAT WAS STOPPED BECAUSE OF PREVIOUS CODE(S)/DTC(s). IF NEW DRIVE CYCLE SELF TEST FINDS NEW PROBLEM AND TURNS ON CHECK ENGINE/SERVICE ENGINE SOON LIGHT, RECOMMEND RETURN FOR NEW DIAGNOSTIC, OR YOU CAN LEAVE VEHICLE (SOMETIMES OVERNIGHT), PAY FUEL AND LABOR COST FOR DIAGNOSTIC TECHNICIAN TO DRIVE FOR SEVERAL DRIVE CYCLES. This note is to help inform the customer how a automotive OBD (on board diagnostic) computer works with self testing and monitors, some continuous work. Most have to meet ” enabling” condition(s) to run which also ... read more

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