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At Carmasters Automotive in Norfolk, VA, we are your source for top-quality and professional wheel alignment and ADAS calibration in the area. We proudly house a brand new deluxe ADAS calibration kit, a heavy-duty alignment kit, and a state-of-the-art alignment computer to handle your modern vehicle’s wheel alignments and calibration needs.

There are two main types of 4-wheel alignments. In each case, the technician will place an instrument on all four wheels. In the first type, the rear toe and tracking are checked, but all adjustments are made at the front wheels. This is done on vehicles that do not have adjustments on the rear. The second type is a full 4-wheel alignment where the rear is checked and found out of alignment adjustments are first made to true up the rear alignment because the front is aligned to the rear, then the front is adjusted. A full 4-wheel alignment will cost more than the other type because there is more work involved.

Misaligned rear wheels make it harder to steer incorrect direction. When the rear is misaligned, it can track and look the way a dog trots or a crab walks, sometimes a little bit sideways. Rear alignment critical as the rear wheels are used as the start point for a proper wheel alignment. If there are no rear adjustments and rear is misaligned, it will require the installation of aftermarket shims, adjustment bolts with eccentric cams if available. If aftermarket adjustment components are not available for applicable model or vehicle is so far out of alignment that available components do not have enough range to get back into manufacture specifications, then components likely bent will need to be replaced such as control arms, tie-rods, spindle/knuckles, struts. The same is true for the front. In worst cases, sub-frames or cradles may need to be replaced or vehicles require to be put on a frame machine and repaired at the body shop. Aftermarket adjustment components require additional cost that can vary, but normally nowhere near as much cost if steering/suspension components require replacement or frame repairs required.

Over 50 million vehicles on the road today require a reset/recalibration of the steering angle sensor (SAS) following a wheel alignment, as instructed by the vehicles manufacturer, on certain vehicles equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC). Calibration of SAS is also an additional cost that can vary by manufacturer, which can be as low as $20 in combination with alignment and must be done whenever SAS is replaced.

The steering angle sensor (SAS) determines the position of the steering wheel, where the driver wants to steer. Located within the steering column, the steering angle sensor normally has more than one sensor often packaged together in a single unit for redundancy, accuracy, and diagnostics. SAS initially used on conventional mechanical steering systems to assist, but now with many vehicles that no longer have a mechanical power-assisted system and now use completely electronic power steering (EPS), sensor calibration and function required for any operational steering.

ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems, which are technologically advanced controls built into newer models of vehicles. These systems focus on the safety of your vehicle, offering features such as lane departure warning, parking assistance, blind spot cameras, collision warnings, and more. They are often offered as an add-on for most vehicles and make your drive safer overall. 

With today’s newer models of vehicles that use ADAS or Advanced Driver Assistance Systems technology, calibrations of these complex safety systems are often required with every wheel alignment service. The reason behind this is often due to the SAS, or steering angle sensor, on vehicles equipped with Electronic Stability Control (ESC). This sensor is crucial to the proper operation of your vehicle’s ADAS because it determines the position of the steering wheel. It is located within the steering column and needs to be adjusted as the wheel alignment is adjusted. 

ADAS calibration can be as low as $20, and for a few models as much as $800. Currently, some dealers and most independent repair shops have limited or no ADAS calibration capability especially when specialty targets and as much as 58 feet of clear shop space required. 

Since most vehicles equipped with ADAS required calibration after wheel alignments, Carmasters Automotive has invested in state-of-the-art equipment and training to provide these services for you. Many other shops can only handle your vehicle’s wheel alignment, leaving you with uncalibrated safety systems.

For example, the Subaru Eyesight camera that looks through the windshield is one of the safety components that require ADAS calibration if there are any modifications to the vehicle’s windshield wipers. Your safety is important to us, and calibration after alignment is necessary to ensure that your car’s safety systems are working properly. 

BMW and other manufacture alignment specs may require a specific weight in each front seat and the trunk as well as a full fuel tank. The exact amount varies depending on the model. There would be if required additional cost to fill fuel tank and place weights in vehicles.

If you need a wheel alignment and ADAS calibration in Norfolk, VA, look no further than the professionals here at Carmasters Automotive. We have the experience, expertise, and equipment necessary to perform your vehicle’s necessary services. Give us a call or schedule a visit with us using our online appointment form today!

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