Here's Why You Should Get Your Windshield Glass Repaired ASAP!

Damage taken to your windshield can be just as dangerous as (if not more) internal, mechanical problems. Whether it is a sizable cracked streak or a minor blemish, you may be tempted to overlook it to avoid the cost of getting the repair. Most people do not know, however, that glass damage can spread fast and quickly. So, is it really worth the risk?


Worsen with Moisture - Throughoutthe seasons in Norfolk, VA, it may rain, fog, or snow. The moisture from the wet weather will trickle into the chip or crack. And if the water molecules remain enclosed in the area in freezing temperatures, you'll be faced with a larger crack! Intense heat can do the same too.

Impaired Vision - If your cracked windshield is blocking your line of sight when driving, then you need to get it corrected ASAP. It's not worth putting yourself and others on the road in danger because you will likely be forking out more money if you get into an accident. 

Serious Injuries - Auto glass isn't made just to block you from the outside. The glass is made to strengthen the overall integrity of your vehicle. More specifically, windshields are supposed to transfer the force of frontal collision down its body, which reduces the shock if you hit something. If you collide with another car or object with an existing cracked windshield, the glass has a higher chance of shattering. Shattered glass = deep cuts ouch!

You Can Get a Ticket for Broken Glass - In many states, specific rules state you cannot drive a vehicle with a damaged windshield that blocks your line of sight. All you have to do to avoid the hefty charge is to get the windscreen fixed!


Glass Repair At Carmasters Automotive

Glass damage can spread over time if not treated immediately. At Carmasters Automotive, our expert team has a wide range of automotive experience, including glass repair. No matter how bad your windscreen damage is, our technicians can get the job and have your car looking new. If you need windshield repairs or seek professional auto advice, please give us a call or visit today!

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