Tires Norfolk VA

We rotate, mount and balance tires. And every time we mount your alignment heads, we use a special soft clamp to avoid damaging your vehicle. We're capable of mounting tires up to 28" Also, we're one of the few auto shops in Norfolk that can perform lug-centric wheel and tire balancing. This is done using special adapter plates required by some original equipment manufacturers as well as many aftermarket custom wheels and tires. We offer an ADAS system service. 

Tire repair

Driving on a badly worn tire can be dangerous. Not only are you doing damage to your alignment, but you are also putting your own life and your family at risk. In addition, tires commonly explode at high speeds, or on freeways. Losing control on Highway 55 in Norfolk could potentially be a very dangerous situation.

When we replace a tire, we first make sure that we can't repair it. A pictured tire may just need a new seal on the interline. It may also be more intensive than this. Oftentimes, tire repair includes looking for hidden damage in the treads that will continue to weaken the tire, most noticeable in the tire sidewall. At Carmasters Automotive LLC, we'll make every effort to repair damaged, leaky or punctured tires. if it warrants replacement, we'll kindly advise you of your options.

Balanced tires

Unbalanced tires are easy to spot. If you've ever driven down the highway and experienced heavy vibration through the seat, steering wheel or floorboard, then you've probably driven on a set of unbalanced tires. This is because one area of a given tire is heavier and receiving more road wear. We correct this with lead weights. Weights are placed to balance out the heavier tire.

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