What You Should Do When You Find a Vehicle Leak

Whenever you go out to your car and find an unfamiliar leak, it's almost never a good sign. Like any other leaks, they need to be diagnosed, pinpointed, and repaired. There are various fluids that constantly run through your vehicle. Fortunately, some auto fluids are dyed in different colors to make it a little simpler to narrow down.


Water - If you see a leak, you're probably crossing your fingers that it is just water. Sometimes, the condensation from the A/C system can drip water, and there should be no concerns here. 


Antifreeze - For as long as ever, antifreeze has been known to be bright green. However, some are now pink or orange, making it more difficult to pinpoint. Fortunately, you can detect coolant or antifreeze by its distinct sweet smell. 


Gas - Gasoline is a pale yellow or orange color, and it also has a pungent smell that is easy to detect. Gasoline leaks are fairly dangerous because they are flammable, so please get help as soon as possible. 


Engine oil - Motor oil is honey or amber in color and sometimes darker depending on how long it's been sitting in the engine. You usually find the leak right under the oil pan area most of the time.


Transmission fluid - This fluid has a similar consistency as motor oil, but it is dyed a red-magenta color.


Brake fluid - Brake fluid is very liquidy and is usually a faint yellow color. 


What To Do About A Leak

If you notice leaks more often than not, you should seek professional assistance right away. Leaks can be challenging to locate, let alone patch up. Neglecting to get the necessary repairs and fluid change can lead to overheating of components and more extensive damages. 


If you have any concerns regarding leaks, please bring your vehicle to our Norfolk auto repair shop today. You can also give Carmasters Automotive a call at (757) 544-9147.

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