Tech Question on Engine Failure


I’m Collins.  I had my engine go out and had to have it completely re-done.  What could I have done to prevent this?


You’ve got to feel for Collins: an expensive major engine rebuild is extreme.  It’s a tough situation to be in, maybe you’re still making payments on your vehicle and nobody wants to buy it with a blown engine, so you really have no choice but to pay the money to get it fixed.

Therefore, your manufacturer has preventive maintenance schedules – to help you avoid major repairs.  Suppose you don’t change your timing belt on schedule, and it breaks.  That can mean bent valves and a damaged cylinder head. 

Maybe you’ve skipped over the recommendation to replace your coolant and end up with catastrophic overheating.

It could be you’ve skipped a few too many oil changes and now sludge has built up to the point that expensive parts in your engine are being damaged.

Check your oil level every month and follow your manufacturer’s recommended service schedules.  And if you’re behind on any services, ask your Service Advisor to help you work out a plan to get caught up.

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