Spring Car Maintenance Checklist

Springtime is here in Norfolk, VA, and it is time for drivers to start transitioning from the cold Virginia weather to warmer weather. You may even want to think about setting aside some of your tax refund on some repairs and services that you've been putting off. 

This past winter probably put a lot of strain on your vehicle's tires, brakes, battery, engine, and more. As a result, we've put together this Spring maintenance checklist to treat your car:

Oil Change

No matter what, the transition between seasons calls for an oil change. This will help your engine stay lubricated, cleaned, and properly maintained at stable temperatures.

Tire Rotation & Pressure Check

Another maintenance item that pairs well with your oil change is a tire rotation. It can be a major advantage to even out your tire wear after your rugged winter driving. Additionally, we can also help you check the pressure in your tires.

Belts & Hoses Inspection

Have a certified mechanic check off all the belts, hoses, connections in your car to make sure they're secure and intact. They should look for signs of wear and replace any parts if necessary.

Change Both the Cabin Air Filter and Engine Air Filter

The air filters in your vehicle need replacing in the spring as they are prone to collect dirt, debris, and pollutants throughout the year. This will ensure both you and your engine have fresh and clean airflow.

Recharge Your Air Conditioning

The transition of seasons will usually call for you to switch the heater off and the A/C on. To ensure you're properly cooled for the warm weather, have an expert test your A/C. We can top it off with freon if needed.

Brake Inspection & Replacement

There's no doubt that your brakes were used and abused this past winter. If you need your brake pads replaced and or brake fluid topped off, please come by our auto repair shop for assistance.


These are just several of the many maintenance tips that Norfolk drivers should follow. For all your automotive repairs and preventative maintenance needs, please call or visit Carmasters Automotive today.

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