Pump it Up (Signs Fuel Pump is Failing)

You don't have to be an auto expert to know what a fuel pump does: it pumps fuel.  The fuel pump happens to be one of those vital parts of your vehicle that can leave you stranded when it isn't working the way it should.  Here are a few things to be aware of that might indicate your fuel pump is about to give up the ghost.

One thing to watch for is something called "heat and stall." If you see your vehicle's temperature gauge go up and then your vehicle stalls, your fuel pump could be weakening.

If you stall, but your fuel gauge shows you have plenty of fuel, that's another sign.  Also, if you are giving your vehicle a stress test (hauling a big load, going uphill, going at highway speeds) and your engine sputters, the fuel pump may be failing to deliver the fuel pressure your engine needs.

Here are a couple more possible symptoms: your engine suddenly jerks or your fuel economy plummets. Finally, if you have trouble starting your vehicle, your engine may simply not be getting enough fuel to fire up, and the cause may be a bad fuel pump. 

Other problems could cause these symptoms as well of course, which is a good reason to head to your NAPA AutoCare Center to have trained technicians check it out.  The fuel pump is located in the fuel tank on most modern vehicles, so sometimes the fuel tank has to be lowered to gain access to the fuel pump.  This is a good time to clean sediment out of the tank and check for corrosion. 

One thing you can do to prolong the life of your fuel pump is to keep your fuel tank at least a quarter full since the fuel cools and lubricates the pump. Don't be that person who constantly waits until the "low fuel" warning light comes on before stopping at the gas station.  Running out of fuel just once can permanently damage the fuel pump.  Help your fuel pump keep its cool.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, bring your vehicle in to your NAPA AutoCare Center for an inspection.  We can properly diagnose any problems and make the necessary repairs.

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