Get Proper Car Maintenance This Summer!

Summertime is a time of the year where many families and friends like to go out and about. We often overlook how much the hot weather can take a toll on our vehicles with all our fun plans in mind. However, the last thing you'd want to happen is for your car to break down amid your fun adventures. It would be best to give your vehicle the proper attention during the summer, or it won't keep taking you where you want to go. We've made a list of the top four priorities of every vehicle that you should routinely monitor this summer!


1) Air-Conditioning System 

We depend on air conditioning in the summer as much as we rely on water. If your AC is older, then leaking freon is a common problem. As a result of the leak, you will be surprised by warm air blowing out of your vents. Carmasters Automotive has the equipment needed to properly recharge your air conditioning system if you are concerned about your air conditioning. 


2) Air Filter

While you are recharging your AC, you might want to have your cabin air filter checked too. If your air filter looks filthy, then now would be a great time to replace it. Additionally, we can inspect your pollen and cabin filters too. We will make sure that you are breathing in fresh and clean air.


3) Other Essential Fluids 

You should monitor all of your other car fluids as they play crucial roles in keeping your car running. These vital fluids include motor oil, power steering, brake, and windshield washer fluid. These fluids are constantly being employed throughout the seasons and should be topped off when needed. Bring your vehicle to our shop, and our technicians will top off your fluids.


4) Brake System

Do you remember when you last replaced your brake pads? If you notice that your brake's response time is off, then it might be time to come in for a vehicle inspection. There is a good chance that you are due for some new pads. We can guarantee that you don't want your brakes to malfunction in the middle of your commute or road trip.


Our ASE-certified mechanics can give you a comprehensive vehicle examination so that your car can get you from Point A to Point B this summer. If you require vehicle maintenance or any repairs, please give us a visit at our shop in Norfolk, VA. Have questions? Give us a call at (757) 544-9147.

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