Common Reasons For Car Heater Failure

Now that it is November in Norfolk, VA, we need to rely on our vehicle's heating system to keep us warm on chilly mornings and cold evenings. We also need it to defrost and clear our windshield when the outside temperature doesn't match the temperature inside the cabin. A good working heater isn't just related to comfort, but it is also necessary for your safety. Imagine going to cut on your heater and defroster when there's no air blowing out of your vents.  Here are some of the most popular reasons why your car heater might falter like this: 

  • Low coolant levels can stop your vehicle from creating and delivering warm air into your cabin. A coolant leak is an issue that requires immediate attention. If you have a leak or are low in coolant, you are putting your engine at risk.
  • A blown fuse somewhere in your car, SUV, or truck can cause electrical problems, affecting your automobile's ability to build heat. 
  • A failing heater core or a leak in the heater core can cause an insufficient coolant flow, thereby not generating heat.
  • A bad water pump 
  • An old or worn serpentine belt
  • A malfunctioning thermostat is also concerning because if it inaccurately reads the engine temperature as too cold, it won't allow coolant to flow, which is needed to produce hot air. 
  • A defective blower motor is also a common culprit. If there's no air at all coming out of your vents, it's most likely the blower motor.

As explained in the cases above, while you may be able to live without heat in your vehicle, the reason behind a heating failure can be a severe one. Since the heating system is dependent on your vehicle's cooling system, any heating issue should be inspected and treated as soon as possible. A cooling system problem can cause irreversible engine damage and become costly to repair if left alone. If you require top-quality heater repairs, please don't hesitate to bring your vehicle to Carmasters Automotive today!

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