Common Ford Problems You Should Look Out For

If you are a new Ford owner or are looking to buy one, you have probably wondered about its reliability. What problems should you expect? Is it even good? Well, we have an answer to the second one, and Ford has proven itself throughout the years as one of the greatest car manufacturers, so don't worry. But after all, vehicles do brake and age, so problems are expected. What problems exactly? Continue reading so you can find out.

Spark Plug Wiring Issues 

Some Ford vehicles are known to have a defect or problem with spark plug wiring. If you start to notice any start-up problems or misfiring, it's probably because of this. Make sure to visit a repair shop so the mechanics can take a closer look.

Transmission Problems 

With all its moving parts, the transmission is prone to damage. This especially applies to a few Ford-made vehicles. Slipping is also a symptom related to transmission problems, so make sure to check up on that as well.

Chassis And Panel Wear

Fords have been known to have rust issues, especially older models due to their age. This can damage the chassis and result in further difficulties for other systems and parts. Welds can also be affected, making them break. If this is something you spotted, even if it's a little bit of rust, a body shop should be your next stop.

Electrical Issues

This problem can be spotted in a lot of vehicles, including ones from Ford. Especially if talking about the transition period in the car industry, where cars went more and more electric.

Ford Models With Almost No Problems

There are also quite a lot of Ford vehicles that have a good reputation. After all, it's one of the biggest names in the industry. Here are some of the most reliable platforms made by Ford:

  • Ford F-350
  • Ford Focus
  • Ford Mustang GT 
  • Ford Ranger

Are You Looking For A Repair Shop You Can Trust?

If you want the care your Ford deserves, and don't want to trust every-other mechanic, your vehicle will be in good hands at our shop. At Carmasters Automotive, Ford and other domestic vehicles are one of our specialties! Make sure to call us if you have any questions about pricing, services, or appointments.

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