Color Coding Your Vehicle’s Fluid Leak

We understand the anxiety you may feel after detecting a fluid leak underneath your car. If it is a substantial amount, you may need to get repairs ASAP. The best thing to do is get your vehicle into Carmasters Automotive LLC for an inspection. One aspect that will help us narrow down which fluid it could be is the fluid color. Here is our quick guide to fluid colors and what they could mean:

  • Red/Pink - Red fluid is typically a transmission, but it can also be your power steering fluid. They can appear to be a lighter red/pink color as well.
  • Orange - Orange fluid can be a coolant/antifreeze leak. However, it can be rusty condensation from the radiator
  • Yellow - Coolant can also be a yellow-ish color. It can happen if there is a loose hose clamp or a broken o-ring. 
  • Green - Green fluid is the most common color associated with antifreeze. As mentioned before, antifreeze leaks through all kinds of hoses, fittings, or clamps when they’ve worn out.
  • Blue - Windshield wiper fluid is commonly made with blue dye. Over time, the fluid tank and fluid lines that carry the fluid can wear out and eventually cause leaks. This isn't a huge problem, but you should still have it fixed promptly.
  • Clear - Clear liquid is just water/condensation. This can leak from your vehicle’s A/C system and is typically always harmless.
  • Dark Brown or Black - Dark puddles under your car is usually a sign of an engine oil leak. In rare cases, it could also be brake fluid. You can differentiate the two with their smell as brake fluid has a fishy, unpleasant smell. Either way, this kind of leak is serious and requires attention fast.


Once you’ve analyzed the color of the leak and the general location of where the leak is coming from, it’s time to bring your car to our auto repair shop for inspections. You should never ignore a leak because it can damage your vehicle and put your safety at risk.


If you notice a leak underneath your parked vehicle, we invite you to bring your car to the experts at Carmasters Automotive LLC. Rest assured we will have your leak repair so that your car can remain reliable again.

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