5 Gas Saving Tips for Norfolk Drivers

If you own a gas-powered vehicle, you must know that gas has been costly this year. It has been a bigger priority now than ever to try to keep your vehicle as efficient as possible. If not for the sake of your wallet, then at least consider the positive impacts on the environment. We thought we’d share some of our favorite fuel-saving tips:

  • Remember to Tighten Gas Caps – You might not think that this has any effect on your vehicle’s efficiency, but the gas lid is oh-so-important. If this cap is loose, damaged, or missing, it can cause a leak. Additionally, your check engine light may come on to alert you of the issue.
  • Inflate Your Tires to Proper PSI – You might notice your tires’ psi dropping as the cooler weather causes the air in your tires to contract. It would help if you corrected your tire pressure because driving with underinflated tires puts your vehicle at risk of danger, leads to premature tire wear, and causes your engine to burn up more fuel. This ends up costing you more money on both gas and tires in the long run.
  • Change Dirty Air Filters – Air filters are responsible for sifting out dust, dirt, and other harmful contaminants from entering the engine. When this filter is clogged, it will lead to a lack of airflow, which ultimately alters the air-to-fuel ratio for combustion. Therefore, your vehicle’s efficiency will decrease.
  • Don't Be An Aggressive Driver – When you constantly move aggressively and quickly on the road, you put a lot of strain on your engine and other car parts. Thus, you will lower your vehicle’s MPG.
  • Avoid Idling for Long Periods – If you're going to wait in your car for a while, don’t leave it running unless you feel like it is necessary. It is more efficient to turn your vehicle off and then on again when you need to get going.

If you believe that there is an issue causing your vehicle’s gas mileage to drop, please bring your car to the experts at Carmasters LLC for an inspection today.

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